About Dr. Lucia Kearney

Expertise of Dr. Lucia Kearney

Dr. Lucia Kearney holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences from San Diego State University, and was awarded her Doctor of Audiology degree from the Joint Doctoral Program of Audiology at San Diego State University and the University of California San Diego. Her doctoral research focused on the impact of hearing loss on communicative stress, and she is a co-author of an article on this topic that was published in the American Journal of Audiology.

She completed her clinical externship experience at Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego where she specialized in pediatric diagnostic testing, hearing aid programming and management, implantable bone conduction devices, and cochlear implant mapping. She holds a certificate of clinical competence in audiology (CCC-A) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology.

A native of Argentina, Dr. Kearney is fluent in Spanish and loves working with people of all ages and backgrounds. At SENTA Clinic she emphasizes the importance of healthy hearing for brain development and plasticity in children as well as adults, and therefore stresses timely intervention with a potential hearing disorder. Dr. Kearney believes in a family-centered approach to hearing healthcare and invites family members to participate in the process of hearing rehabilitation.

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